Saturday, December 03, 2016
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Digital Footprint Specialists

What is a digital footprint?  Quite simply, it’s your company’s presence on the Internet.  Every listing in every search engine or directory.  Every link from every discussion on the web.  It’s the way your customers find you.  It’s the way your customers see you.  And it’s crucial to the success of your online ventures.

Some companies would have you think that it’s all about SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and Internet Marketing.  But we think that’s only a small part of the picture.  Sure, it’s great to get free traffic from the search engines.  But just as important as traffic is your customers’ perceptions of your company.  You can’t control that in a search engine... for that, you have to venture out into the world of social media. 

Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and many other such sites offer the potential to instantaneously change the way your customers feel about your company.  The most efficient SEO expert doesn’t stand a chance against the angry customer who let’s their feelings be known on Twitter.

And no amount of keyword manipulation can persuade the almighty Google to list you higher if they think that none of your customers are paying attention to you - or worse yet - the world thinks you’re a scam!

This is where we come in.

We’re experts in Digital Footprint Management.

Sure, we’ll position your company’s website properly in the search engines so that you can take advantage of that targeted traffic.  But we’ll go farther than that... much farther.  We’ll ensure that your presence is as big as possible.  And we’ll help ensure that your online reputation is as sterling as it can be.  We’ll let you know if something is damaging that reputation... and we’ll help you combat that damage if needed. 

You see - we don’t leave once your have a top 10 placement on Google - we’re in it for the long term.  We’re here to expand your digital footprint - one step at a time!

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